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There are many uncommon aspects of a snake, one of which is their feeding demeanor. Snakes do eat any type of livings thing that could fit in their bodies. Almost all snakes are ophiophagous, so they chase for killing and they feed on other serpents. Apart from being ophiophagous, the diet of coral snakes mainly consists of the following:
Little Lizards – They supply a huge food source for all sorts of snakes. And of course that lizards are mostly vulnerable and are simple for snakes to capture. Examples of that are geckos and small iguanas.
Amphibians – These are cold-blooded vertebrates residing on land and in water. Due to coral snake’s carnivorous state, they also fed on amphibians such as frogs, toads, and salamanders.
Small Birds – These sort of snake does not only eat birds, but also the vulnerable eggs and kids of birds. Scheming for birds are rather distressing for snakes, because birds fly while snakes can not. Every snake that hunts for birds has a realistic method by themselves. These snakes cling on trees and await vulnerable birds to pass by. On the other hand, they eat the helpless birds through their nest. They will quietly creep out on the bird’s nest and attack the young birds and eggs that still haven’t hatched.

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Rodents – Rodents are the principal victim of all types of snakes, rats and rodents in particular. They are ordinarily eaten by snakes, both in enslavement and in wild. Moreover, rodents are the ideal prey for coral snakes and most of the snakes because of it being a mammal. Mammals of distinct kinds are substantially the victims of all kinds of snakes no matter its size. It can be another sort of snake or their egg . Usually, these sort of snakes crawls, sits and waits for its prey. They don’t usually move around like other snakes because they don’t need to use the majority of their energy in just looking for their prey and because coral snakes don’t always feed that often. Additionally, this is ideal for them since it is going to protect them from their predators.They always swallow the head of the prey first, most especially when their prey is larger than them. Most snakes such as coral snakes don’t always feed on the same particular kind of prey. Depending on their size and the quality of the prey being at hand when needed is 1 reason why snakes don’t always eat the same type of prey on their everyday diet.
Snakes can go on without feeding themselves for a lengthy time period. 1 reason , is that the snakes’ digestion process is very much slower than that of some living organisms. And this also depends upon the food they ate. If they eat smaller prey, they tend to look for more victims for them to eat.

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